Things to Keep in Mind While Fixing Tour Package Price

Fixing Tour package price per person is a big problem for many travel operators. In this blog post, I will tell you what to consider while you fix the price so that it is more reasonable for everyone.

Some tour operators set a high tour package price per person because either they have less knowledge about how to fix tour package price and what elements to consider or they think they should earn more for the services provided by them to tourists. They think that if they are expensive, then people will thing something unique and will give luxurious feel.

This is wrong for two reasons:

First, when people see that a tour is too expensive, they will not want to book it.

Second, if they will book and then they don’t find services at par with price paid customers will be got disappointed and will not return, also there are chances that they will give online bad reviews which is more disastrous.


Powerful Elements which matter for a successful tour and happy customers:

So, a better way is to offer tours at reasonable prices so that as many people as possible can have access to them.

It’s always encouraged and good practice to fix correct/reasonable tour prices, but there is a saying that you can charge comparatively more from a happy client. But what makes a client happy is depends on below mentioned points. If a tour operator follows these principles this will make the tour operator more popular and increase the number of customers for the tours that they run and they will be able to charge good amount for their service.

  • Reasonable pricing encourages more people to book tours because they feel that they are getting a good deal for the money that they are spending and tourists will be happy, this is actual goodwill for the operator.
  • Variety of Packages – It is a good idea to have craft several different tour packages available so that each person can choose the one that suits their needs and budget. This can be done by based on different type of Hotels, Meals, Vehicles, activities done during tours and number of days.
  • Good Experienced Tour Crew – The next thing that you need to do to fix the price per person issue is to ensure that you have a good team of people who will be conducting the tours on a regular basis. Without a good staff, you will have trouble getting everything done and you will have a lot of unhappy customers as a result.
  • Regular Staff Training – Once you have the right people in place, you can work on training them in how to conduct effective tours for your customers. This will encourage them to work hard and improve their skills so that they can give the best tours that they can.
  • Skilled Guide – To improve the experience of the tours that you offer is to make sure that your tour guides have good customer service skills and this ensures that they have an enjoyable time on their tour.
  • Child Friendly Staff – Having best team which operates tours is especially important when the customers are traveling with children. It can be difficult to keep them entertained and make sure that they have a good time during the tour. However, a good tour team & guide can do this easily and keep everyone happy at the same time.
  • Good Vehicles – One of the best ways of improving the experience that customers have during your tours is to have well-maintained vehicles. This will allow you to move from one place to another quickly and without any hassles along the way. This will also improve the chances of your tour guide finding the place that they want to visit without any issues at all.

How important is fixing Best Tour package price based on customer paying capacity, industry & competition:

  • Make sure you’re not overcharging for something that’s free or included in other packages. For example, if you’re offering airport transfers, don’t charge extra for them since they’re already included in most other tour and travel packages.
  • Make sure your package is competitive with similar packages from other providers. If you offer tours from multiple countries, make sure your prices are competitive so that customers will choose yours over others.
  • In today’s world, it’s not enough to just offer a tour package price that is competitive and affordable. You also need to consider your industry/niche, and how you can use the package price to further differentiate your business from competitors. Include unique and entertaining amenities and activities.
  • For example, if you’re a tour operator in the hospitality industry and your competitor is offering a similar tour package at a lower price than yours, you could use the package price as an opportunity to educate travelers about why they should choose your company over theirs. This information can be used in marketing materials so that people see that you are doing things differently than your competitors.
  • Figure out how much customers are willing to spend on a tour package, you must first understand what they value in their travel experience. It’s important that you can offer something different than any other company in your industry, so that your customers will feel like they’re getting a unique experience.
  • Once you’ve figured out what your customers value most in their travel experience, think about ways you can make them feel good about spending money on this experience. For example, is there anything about the industry that makes people feel uncomfortable?

Things to Keep in Mind While Fixing Tour Package Price - India Travel Tales

Discover More proven elements to consider while fixing price

  • Before It’s important to make sure that your tour package price will not be the same for everyone. It’s based on a number of factors, including the number of people in your group, how much money / dollar each person is willing to pay and other variables.
  • If you’ve been planning this trip for a while and you know what kind of price range you’re looking at (for example, 50-100 Dollar per person), it can be helpful to start with those numbers and then adjust them if necessary when you talk to potential clients.
  • When setting up a tour it’s also important to keep in mind that there are many different ways that people want to book their trip. Some people may want a more flexible schedule than others; while some may want more or less activity; some may want more or less amenities, so make multiple tours for different type of people and hence will be different price range.

Take into consideration any risks associated with your product (for example: if it’s a live performance or sport event) and whether or not those risks would deter customers from buying into it completely (if so, then consider charging more).

In summery prices can be different based on below points:

  • Premium Tours with luxury amenities
  • Economical Tours for Middle class customers
  • Tours for families having children and elderly
  • Adventure Tours for young population
  • Tours formed based on industry competitors
  • Season & festival-based tour packages
  • Domestic & Abroad Tours
  • Tours crafted based on inclusions

So, The ultimate goal here is really just to accommodate as many different types of travelers as possible so that everyone has an experience they love!

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