Holi Festival 2023 – A Colorful Festival

Holi Festival is a colorful and joyous festival celebrated primarily in India and Nepal. It is also known as the “Festival of Colors” or the “Festival of Love.” The Holi Festival in India usually takes place in late February or early March and lasts for two days.

The first day of the Holi Festival is known as Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi, where people light bonfires to signify the victory of good over evil. The second day is known as Rangwali Holi, Dhulandi, or Badi Holi, where people throw colored powder, water, and flowers at each other to celebrate the arrival of spring and the colors of nature.

Holi is celebrated by people of all religions and backgrounds.

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Holi Festival Color
Holi Festival Color

When Holi Festival is celebrated in India:

Holi is celebrated on the Purnima (full moon day) of the Hindu month of Phalguna. As Holi in India comes in Phalguna month, so due to this, it’s also popularly known as Phaag.

According to the Gregorian calendar usually, Holi falls in late February or early March.

The festival is typically celebrated over two days – the first day is known as Holika Dahan or Choti Holi, and the second day is known as Dhulandi, Rangwali Holi, or Badi Holi.

When is Holi Festival in 2023?

In 2023, Holi will be celebrated on March 08th, 2023.

Why Holi Festival is celebrated?

This festival comes with joy because of the harvest season.

Holi is a Hindu festival that is celebrated to mark the arrival of spring and end of winter, and the victory of good over evil.

That is why it is also known as the Festival of Colours, Festival of Joy and Love, and Festival of Spring.

Holi in India is a festival of joy and happiness celebrated with family, friends, and others. Holi festival in India is known for forgiveness and reunion by forgetting all grudges.

The festival has several mythological and historical significance, and it is celebrated in different ways in different parts of India.

Holi festival in India is the story of Hiranyakashipu / Hiranyakashyap, Holika, and Prahlad.

According to this story, there was a demon king named Hiranyakashipu / Hiranyakashyap, who wanted to be worshipped as a god by the people of his kingdom.

However, his son Prahlad was a devotee of Lord Vishnu and Prahlad worships God Vishnu. Which angered the king. The king’s sister Holika had a boon that made her immune to fire, and the king asked her to sit with Prahlad on a pyre. However, due to Prahlad’s devotion to Lord Vishnu, he was protected, and Holika was burnt to ashes. This event is celebrated on the first day of Holi, known as Holika Dahan, where people light bonfires to symbolize the victory of good over evil.

As per popular tradition, people used to put a wood log in the middle of the pyre and when they light it with fire they have to save Prahlad and hence they pull it out from the burning pyre.

There are a lot of customs and rituals connected with Holi / Holika Dahan. People do Pooja of Holi on this day and women keep Varta (Fast) on this day.

Holi Festival Play with colors
Holi Festival Play with colors

Dulhandi – Holi Festival:

The next day to Holi is called the Dulhandi, Festival of Colors. On the day of Dulhandi, i.e. badi holi people drink Bhang Lassi to cool down the body and play with joy.

The legend/story associated with Holi(Dulhandi) is the love story of Radha and Krishna. According to this legend/story, Lord Krishna was jealous of Radha’s fair complexion, and he playfully applied colors on her face to make her complexion like his. This event is celebrated on the second day of Holi, known as Dulhandi or Rangwali Holi, where people play with colors and throw water and colored powder on each other.

Holi Festival in India popularity across various regions:

Holi Festival is such a popular festival that different places have their unique forms of Holi Festival and it’s known by those place names as well, like Braj Holi, Barsana Lathmaar Holi & Pushkar Holi.

Braj Holi is very popular in India and all over the world because Radha and Krishan Gopal were used to playing with colors and water on this festival. So, devotees of Shri Krishan & Radah play with each other to remember them on this day.

Braj Holi Festival continues for many days and they celebrate it until Rang Panchmi.

Barsana Lathmaar Holi Festival in the compound of Radha Rani Temple is very popular in India and World. Tourists travel here during Holi Festival to see Holi played there with sticks/lathis.

Pushkar Holi Festival is a vibrant and colorful festival celebrated in the town of Pushkar, located in the state of Rajasthan in India.

The festival is also known as the Pushkar Camel Fair, as it coincides with the largest camel fair in the world, which takes place in Pushkar at the same time.

One of the main events of Pushkar Holi is the Holika Dahan, which takes place on the night before the main Holi festival.

In short Holi Festival is a blend of religious, traditional & cultural festivals in India. It’s the occasion to welcome the arrival of the spring season, a happy time for people as they will get new harvests. Holi Festival is a must-visit time in India to witness this colorful festival.

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