HELP CHANGE A LIFE – Feel Their Pain!

HELP CHANGE A LIFE - Feel Their Pain! - India Travel Tales

by Anushka Dutta, 1st March 2021
I have been an animal lover since my childhood but never had the privilege of keeping a dog at home because my family wasn’t ready to bear the responsibility required .

We finally bought a golden retriever when I turned 15. I had no idea about the breeding industry as everything was new around.

My dog -Tuffy, introduced me to the world of welfare. I could finally see every inch of the pain every stray animal faces through my dog’s eyes.

The reflection of my dog I see in every animal who was suffering on the street.

I felt their pain and implemented my feelings into action and started by just looking after 5 dogs back in 2015 . It’s almost been 6 years since I stepped into animal welfare and there is no stopping since then.

Now, I run a registered charity named after my late grandmother who believed in selfless Seva(service).

ASHA FOUNDATION is individually run by me and through which around 170+ strays are fed every morning.

I am a strong believer of animal birth control and have so far sterilized 3000+ dogs in Delhi NRC and also focus on their vaccinations and de-worming.

55+ dogs have also found beautiful homes through my rescues.

I have found my strength in these voiceless beautiful souls. I continue to do the work of welfare despite all kinds of obstructions I face as a 20 year old young activist.

There is a lot I faced in my journey. I started my welfare work at the age of 16 and have seen all the worse a young teen could ever witness. But, it has all made me stronger as a human being.

700+ animals have so far been rescued and I wish to save as many as I can, but it is not possible without your help.

Please contribute on link of ASHA FOUNDATION and help me make a difference.

Link: Asha Foundation

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–Special Thanks to Ms. Yesdeep Suhag

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