25 Best Vegan Indian Food Dishes to Try

Vegan Food Dishes - Jalebi

Indian cuisine offers wide variety of delicious Best Vegan Indian Food dishes rich in flavor & nutrition. Use of spices, herbs & aromatics is hallmark of Indian cooking.

Authentic Indian Cuisine: 5 Categories

Authentic Indian Cuisine is known for its unique blend of spices, herbs, and flavors. It is one of the oldest and most diverse cuisines in the world, with each region of the country having its own distinctive style of cooking. From the creamy curries of the north to the spicy seafood dishes of the south, … Read more

Best Places to Eat in Jaipur

Jaipur Best Eating Places

Jaipur is a city with rich culinary tradition and is famous for its wide range of delicious & spicy cuisine. Best places to eat in Jaipur are listed here.

Must try Manali Local Food


Manali is known for its unique blend of Himachali and Tibetan cuisine. You must try this Manali Local Food mostly organic cuisine.