How to book?

Contact us/host to check their availability and ask them any questions you have about staying with them. Once we/host confirms that rooms are available for your dates, you can complete your booking by paying 12% fee to us. You can pay room booking price to us or to the host at the Homestay on arrival.

HomeStays – The New Trend in India

Sanskrit phrase 'Athithi Devo Bhava - meaning 'The Guest is God'. Backed by this popular heritage of India HomeStays have today become a viable option for both tourist and home owners. HomeStays are getting popular among Tourist, young professionals, couples & nuclear families. Young professionals and couple are planning more holidays, opting for long and... Continue Reading →

Fashion – The Culture

The term zeitgeist literally means the ‘spirit of thetimes’. Fashion is a component of popular cultureand, in accordance with the principles of the zeitgeist,often reflects current political and culturaleffects; it is subject to external forces that mightinclude dominant events, ideas, attitudes, socialgroups and technologies. “Fashion is an art and aesthetics, ethics , personaland social identity,... Continue Reading →


Clothing is a fiber or textile which is usually worn on the body and basically it dependent on physical status, gender, as well as social and geographic preferences. And as we know clothing fulfills various purposes such as Gender differentiation, Social status, Religion, Protection and many others.“Clothing continues a tradition of research on product meaning... Continue Reading →


--- by Anushka Dutta, 1st March 2021I have been an animal lover since my childhood but never had the privilege of keeping a dog at home because my family wasn't ready to bear the responsibility required . But we finally bought a golden retriever when I turned 15. I had no idea about the breeding... Continue Reading →

Cycling – a step towards healthy life

this can help to protect you from many serious diseases such as heart attack, stroke, cancers, diabetes, depression, obesity and arthritis.Riding a bi-cycle is healthy, fun and a low-impact type of exercise for all ages.You can fit Cycling into your daily routine by riding to the grocery shop, park, school or office. Cycling for our... Continue Reading →

Farmers Protest – Highlights

Farmers planning to organize meetings in West Bengal, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and in states like Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Farmers are organizing Khap Panchayats also in North Indian States and looking forward for meetings before elections in West Bengal as well. Today, farmer leader Rakesh Tikait was in Sikar, Rajasthan. Other sections of society are... Continue Reading →

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